Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Sunday Walk.....

Even though we were all a little weary today we decided to walk back from my parent in laws after dropping the car back off, its quite a good walk from their house to ours but the dog needed a walk too. It wasn't the best of walks really as Ruben was very tired and fell over three times! But there was some lovely scenery and we did have some great talks about lots of things which I'm sure if we had sat at home this afternoon wouldn't have happened. I had a really in-depth talk with the children this morning about street art and graffiti after watching the Channel 4 documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop" last night. Hubby and I found it fascinating and really enjoyed watching it, I've sky + it for the children but there are some bits that might not be suitable for them, I think the actual art footage of the street artists will be good for them to see and discuss. My parents in law have recently had some graffiti on their garden gate and so with the art gallery a couple of weeks ago and this it all seems highly relevant at the moment. I'm struggling to find some graffiti art ideas for projects etc though, so going to have to spend a bit more time thinking about that. I'm not very artistic so I struggle a bit to think of good project ideas and it can take up hours of time on the internet too. It felt a little bit like early Autumn today and I really can't believe the summer is nearly over. Have to admit that Autumn is my favourite and very best season though, its all scarfs, hats, wellies and crispy leaves plus beautiful colours and clear skies! I'm all excited now thinking about it!!

Sindy joins us for a walk....

 I've found a crocodile

 Discussing the fishing pond, fish in there or not?!?

 Mmmmm blackberries

 Re-rooted red haired Sindy catches a ride!
 Log pile house...

 Himalayan Balsam
 Sticky tree sap

 Finding a pirate treasure chest

 Tree hugging!

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