Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday boot sales, poo & pizza's

This morning we were up super early to go to the local car boot sale early, it has become the most exciting day of the week for all of us I think! Ruben spends all week counting down to Sundays, it has been great for their math skills though I have to admit. Ruben is especially good at adding up and taking away and I'm sure working out his spending money and how much things are has helped greatly for all of them. The family room floor however, severely suffers for all the things they bring home, mainly littlest pet shop, which they are still collecting! I think for us though the resources you can pick up second hand and sometimes even brand new are fantastic. Today I have bought a French board game, 3 French books, 4 Schofield & Sims maths books (which I normally pay £2.99 for, today I paid 25p each!!), 2 Shakespeare books, several "I Wonder Why? Books", A Horrible History Book and some reading books and Magic Key flashcards for Ruben. Really I hardly paid anything for most of them and I'm thinking of putting most of them away for winter and putting a new bookcase up with all the different books on, it will easily pass a few days in the dreary winter months. I feel like we are working back up to September again and I have lots of ideas for different projects and activities. I'm quite excited!!

In other news, the caterpillar/butterfly house HAD to be cleaned out today, it was really smelly and I couldn't believe the amount of poo in there, Here is a photo!

I thought I would share with you!! We now have 3 caterpillars in cocoons.

Daddy made us some yummy pizza's for tea, the best thing I have ever taught him to make actually, his arm strength for kneading the dough is so much better than my weakly arms and the dough rises much better when he does it.


  1. We have several Marcia Williams books - they are great.

  2. I love those 'I Can Read French' books. I have 8 of them. I don't know how many they have in the series but they are truely brilliant. I really should get them out more again :)

    Love the pizza too. I think I will have to make one tomorrow now x