Friday, 12 August 2011

Stockmotion, Barbie dresses, snake pits & biscuits part 2!

Today has been quite quiet but fun actually, we haven't been out (but have to admit I'm looking forward to getting out tomorrow!) but my very own BFF has been round for the day which also leaves me with an achy stomach from laughing so hard. Piper has been super busy cutting and sewing for her My Scene Barbie doll and has made this gorgeous dress for her and accessorised with a fabulous handbag!!
 Cordelia managed to successfully make the biscuits yesterday and they were delicious! I think she could open her own cookie store up with these, they were well worth the wait, clever girl!

 When I said "snake pit" I meant the caterpillar/butterfly house. I checked on them before bed last night and it was like looking into the bottom of a snake pit, they are HUMONGOUS!! I literally cannot believe how fast caterpillars can actually grow, it is quite ridiculous. My friend told me a few days ago that butterflies are on the decline so its quite lovely to see so many from our own garden. I'm sure we will have some cocoons in the next few days, the children are LOVING watching them everyday and feeding them new leaves every few hours, they eat tons! They are starting to smell a bit stinky though :-(.

We woke up to some super news from Bailey today, a few weeks ago I mentioned on the blog about Bailey's stockmotion and the Mega Blocks competition he was entering. It was finished and uploaded a few days ago and he checked this morning and it was on the website! He is so pleased with himself and I am so very proud of him. I am uploading the film here, not sure if this will work but fingers crossed. You can see his and all the other entries here. Please take a look, he keeps checking how many times its been viewed, bless!


  1. Great Day. You have a BFF? How cool!

  2. Haha yes KP! Everyone should. Some people have lots of friends but no best friend and others seem to have a much smaller, closer group of friends and think that's definitely me. Zoe x