Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rock n Rolla

The girls were invited to a Rock and Roll party this week, they have been excited about it for weeks now and we have been trying to think about costumes for ages! I really wanted to make poodle skirts for them both and I'm pretty sure they would have both worn them again, but I think for my sewing skills it was a little too complicated, I might give it a go now though, now there is no pressure! I'm not much of a pattern planner more of a fresstyler in the sewing department. After being dragged around, many, many shops at the weekend we managed to buy the girls these outfits to wear. I think they look really, really cute. I think they would have fitted in perfectly in the 1950's!!

There was a dance teacher who showed them how to dance in a rock and roll style. They played lots of games, ate lots of cool party food and were given some very pretty handmade party bags to take home. All in all they had a fantastic time!

The girls especially loved the glass Pepsi bottles!

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