Saturday, 27 August 2011

Reading, reading and a little bit more reading...

This week Ruben has read his first Level 5 ORT book! I'm so excited that he is making such progress, as I wrote about it before, I feel its a huge step for him and I really think it will be so beneficial for him to be able to read. He is actually really enjoy it and loves this series of characters. He is writing me little notes now too and the other morning he had stuck "Fun Zone" posters around the house which he'd wrote all by himself.
 We have also been continuing with our 100 book list too and have read these books that we ordered using the free library service. I really enjoyed all three of these stories but in particular loved the Dr Seuss book, it has such a lovely message in it. The "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" was fun to read just because of the pronunciation of some of the words, I think that was good for Ruben to see me making a few mistakes too!
 Piper has suddenly began reading every "Rainbow Fairies" book she can get her hands on. She bought lots in the library sale but has got 30 out this week between two library cards. Its so good that we are in two counties and therefore can use so many libraries. We went into town on the bus this week and after we called into the central library. It literally blew their minds the amount of books available! We haven't been in for a while and whilst we love our small local library, it just doesn't stock enough for the girls, even with the ordering service. I'm surprised Piper has come to reading these books as she has never been that interested in them and she is reading so many a day because they aren't very long.
 Cordelia has been listening to audio books as well as other reading this week too. They all seem to be having a bit of a "Jeremy Strong" phase at the minute. Yesterday I sat knitting in the room with all of us listening to this story and it was lovely listening to them laugh so loud!
Cordelia is also reading, "My Totally Secret Diary" which she ordered from our local library after seeing it in WHSmith. She has also got into the Glitterwings Academy books too.


  1. My girls have, so far, all loved the kipper and floppy series. Well, my eldest and third mostly, I think it was their love of dogs.

    It is lovely seeing them learn to read. It opens up a whole new world to them. x

  2. Sapphire loved those Rainbow Magics and had read about 100 of them then she found out that Daisy Meadows was not a real person and was very cross!

  3. I didn't realise KP, but the girls were very interested/shocked/surprised to hear that!

  4. Yes Lisa, I think that is why Ruben loves the books too, I think he would love a dog like Floppy! x