Saturday, 27 August 2011

Pom-pom creatures, US States & Pippi's Pie!

Ruben wanted to make some pom pom creatures for Daddy when he got back from his business trip so he sat very patiently with a bag of mixed craft supplies, that a friend had recently passed to us, and made these two sweet creatures:

Meanwhile Piper sat with the magnetic US States board and colour co-ordinated them aall before putting them all back in the right places. They love this jigsaw, we picked it up brand new from the car boot a few months ago for £2

 After she'd finished that she decided to help me with tea, we were hvivng Shepard's Pie so first we chopped all the potatoes

 Boiled them for 25 minutes
 Meanwhile we browned the mince
 Added the sauce (and no I didn't make this from scratch, its lazy persons pie!)
 Mashed the potatoes with milk and butter
 Added it to the layer of mince
 And sprinkled some grated cheddar on top
And baked in the oven for 35 minutes! It was rather yummy!

Cordelia had gone to the cinema with her best friend and so it was a very quiet day, you can see what she thought of the film HERE in her own blogpost.

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