Thursday, 11 August 2011

Patty Cakes & Chocolate Octopus Biscuits

Here are the photo's of Piper's patty cakes (which were delicious, especially the chocolate fudge icing!). Seriously am wondering what we did without this book before? Its so fantastic for kids to bake and cook with and so easy to understand the recipes.

Had nayone noticed Piper had all her cut into a super-stylish bob? She LOVES it and everyone has said how much it suits her.
Weighing and sifting out the flour
Creaming it all together
Just out of the oven, smelled delicious
Ta-da! Yummy.......
Cordelia's chocolate octopus biscuits, weighing out the ingredients
This is what they should look like:
Sifting the flour and cocoa together
Rolling all the ingredients into a ball of dough, ready to go in the freezer for 30 minutes.

She followed the recipe perfectly but our baking trays are getting a bit old and really needed greaseproof paper, the book never mentioned using it so she didn't. The biscuits wouldn't come off the tray very well at all and crumbled, Cordelia was very upset but I explained thats how we learn to do things sometimes by making a mistake in the first place. It hasn't put her off, in fact as I write this she is in the kitchen undertaking round two of chocolate octopus biscuits whilst Ruben keenly observes, wonder what he will want to make tomorrow??

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