Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Park, pastry & scrabble

For the last two days the girls have been not only inseparable but also practically unseen! They have had a huge Barbie game going off in their room, Barbie's are strewn here, there and everywhere. When they haven't been doing Barbie's they've played Littlest Pet Shop with Ruben and Playmobil in short bursts and then today came a game of "Saddle Club". They have only come down for food or drink in the last 48 hours. Ruben has been quite lost without them and decided this morning that he and I would go for a walk. To be honest I'm feeling a little bored this week myself, its a strange feeling when your children really don't need your input, not used to feeling quite so useless. We took the dog and had a little walk to the shops via the playground.

Ruben decided that I should take lots of shots like Bailey with his stockmotion.

"Then" he said "you can put the pictures on your blog later, when your bored". Gosh I must have looked really bored for him to notice. He spent the afternoon entertaining me with games, including Scrabble junior (which he beat me at) and Tugging' Puppies (again he won). We also had a go with his Oxford Reading Tree flashcards, he knows more words than I thought. Then we built some Lego but according to junior master Ruben, I'm not very good, sigh.....
 So I stuck to what I know and went off to make some pastry. I haven't been baking much this week as we are trying to cut back on treats but I really am missing it lots. So I made some yummy jam/lemon tarts....
 And a rather delicious, even if I do say so myself, quiche. Some of which is left for lunch tomorrow as Bailey came home and wasn't very hungry. He had eaten quite late at his friends and after a catch up, where he seemed very disappointed his siblings hadn't missed him that much (I think he may have been expecting balloons and banners for his arrival home!) he decided to catch up with his other friends on the xbox. I think an early night will be in order for him tonight!
 Caterpillar update:
Looks as though quite a few of them are now in their cocoons. Although there are still loads that aren't. They look quite gross at the moment to be honest. I think I will be glad when we see some butterflies and I can give the butterfly house a very good scrub. Right off to play a game of Super Scrabble with the hubby!!

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