Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lumi, Lumi, Luminarium.......

We were all a bit done in after the camping weekend but it was the very last day of the luminarium in town. I couldn't decide what to do but I really wanted to take the children to see it and to be honest I was just as curious having never been inside one either! Here is their website if you would like to know a little more about them. They might be in your town next! Unfortunately, we picked a very hot day to visit so we were only inside for about 20 minutes, as we were all feeling a little light headed by this point to be honest and there was only so many times you could walk pass the water spray man! Inside was like a huge bouncy castle but you couldn't bounce as it was only paper thin material (actually, thinner than paper if you can believe it) and there was no artificial light inside it was all natural light.  Here are some photo's: (they came out so well)

This was a photo of the domed roof, there was several areas that you could explore
Trying to chill out in a corner, but it was far too hot
So bubs found an air vent to sit next to and cool down

Think this was my favourite ceiling, looks like a giant jelly

The staff told us we could do pretty much what we wanted inside the luminarium, meditate, sit and chill, read or even text, guess what Bailey chose to do? Not bad to say he had a massive teenager strop before we left and didn't speak to me for nearly an hour on the way into town because he didn't want to come out (leave xbox....). Hmmm, don't tell anyone but I think he actually enjoyed himself, sssshhhhhhh..........

I love how the colous have come out on this photograph

Lots of tunnels to explore. Looked like fun for babies too, there were lots crawling around, it was so sweet.

This is how it looks from the outside. Don't ask what bubs is doing with his face, its his new photo face!
Sometimes you wonder if you should disturb games etc by going out somewhere but I'm actually really glad that I pushed for us to go out because we had such a lovely time and it was a great experience to have visited.

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