Friday, 19 August 2011

Lego, Library, Pictures and Peppers!!

Today has been all about the Lego in our house (for a change!) Ruben has been busy building Pokemon out of Lego and also building back up his Atlantis sets that he got last year for his birthday. He's also printed himself of some Pokemon pictures and sat and coloured them in whilst listening to a Jeremy Strong audio book "My Brother's Hot Cross Bottom".

 Scene of carnage in the corner of the living room. Gosh I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE Lego but seriously it gets a LOT LESS fun when stood on with bare feet!
 Ruben read the name of this Pokemon all by himself too!

 The girls have continued playing their horse game in the playroom, I've been in trouble for saying they were playing "Saddle Club" on the blog when apparently it was "Pony Club Secrets". Easy mistake to make?! Not according to my girls, who both rolled their eyes at me, sigh.....

 Cordelia also drew this fab self-portrait of herself, LOVE it..
 She also get super excited when the seeded paper she received for her birthday (Thank you Laura!) and planted about 3/4 weeks ago? started to grow!!
 Look what else is growing too: Peppers!! Be lovely if they grew and didn't get scoffed by the birds/slugs.

We also had another trip to the library this afternoon, which meant the girls were all snuggled on the sofa having some quiet reading time. That is also part of the game I'm told.

I love the library ordering service, last week Cordelia ordered herself "My Totally Secret Diary" and Ruben ordered "Fungus the Bogeyman, Burglar Bill and Yertle the Turtle" these three are all off our 100 book list, which we are making really good headway on. Bailey ordered "Lord of the Flies" last week which also came today. So far, he is not very impressed with it but I've persuaded him to stick with it. Our local library is only quite small so its great to be able to order books from other libraries as if I had to buy all their reading material I would quite literally be bankrupt!!

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  1. We are big fans of the free ordering service too. Amazing how many people don't know about it.