Monday, 1 August 2011

Last camping trip of the year

As our car is broken my in laws, very kindly, offered to take us all camping with them for a few days. We went with them in April for a couple of nights to a campsite where they keep their caravan in Newark. It felt very strange packing up a mini cooper with camping equipment and only Bailey with us (The younger three rode in grandad's car). You can fit a surprising amount in a mini though I was quite impressed! Its only a 45 minute drive away too, seems quite a short trip to me as I'm used to driving all over the place, so didn't seem far away enough for me but I was really glad to have a change of scene for a few days, think we all needed it. Piper even brought Maria along, which was erm....nice........

 After we arrived and sorted out the tent and the awning and had a cup of tea we had a walk to see the River Trent. Cordelia found two lovely ponies whom she named "Clover" and "Heather".
 They were really lovely ponies and super friendly, even I, a reluctant pony/horse fan was won over.
 And just check out these eyelashes! How very Lady Gaga, so jealous!

 The view of the river. There is something very relaxing about being near water.
 Maria, also enjoying herself. She had a bigger suitcase of clothes than me!
 The boys burning some energy off. Its very tricky now for Bailey as he isn't really interested in going camping, he's not really much of an outdoor child, I don't think he has ever been really but he was very helpful with all the little camping chores whilst we were there. I think, secretly he enjoyed it a little bit but ssshhh, don't let him know!
 Bug hunting on the way back to the tent. Cordelia and Ruben found lots, the outdoor children that they are.
Including this huge bug that was floating in the fisherman's net wash bucket!

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