Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Help! My children are living in a bubble!

We were lucky enough to have the car still on Monday morning and it was such a glorious morning so we got up and got out early. We went to a local park that is too far away without a car, I have spent so much time there with the children and its so strange now when I take the children as its getting harder with the age differences. I like Bailey to come out with us for some fresh air but in all honesty he would rather be at home, it really seems like two minutes ago that he was playing with the others in the park and now its just a bit boring for him now. Even Piper at the age of 10 is starting to not want to play in the playground and we were surrounded by much younger children. Why? Is it not ok to play in the park when you are over 9? When did that happen and I didn't notice?? Or is it just my children?? Now I feel like I'm split into two camps with my eldest two/youngest two. Another side effect of 'middle years' which I am finding very hard!

Scooting into the park
Passing the ducks and mummy being told off for forgetting to bring bread!
Trying out the new equipment at the park as it has finally had a refurbishment!

Basket swings are the favourite piece of equipment at the moment with our children

Getting a HUGE push from big brother
Piper and Ruben on their magic carpet
This was a new favourite
Music in the playground!

Then we walked over to see the animals, as no one was really playing in the park that much, not sure if it was the heat or maybe because the parks are so busy at the moment? Maybe it will be different when September comes?
The children thought this turkey was very cool

Feeding the dear
Bailey and Piper won't come into the barn as they both hate the smell but Cordelia and Ruben love it in here, they had lots of strokes with the baby goats, who were very funny!

The piglets were all fast asleep, I thought it a bit sad though, that the mummy pig was in a different area. I wouldn't like to be separated from my babies, even now!
Baby chicks!
And back to the goats again for another stroke!
Before we went off to look at the new addition to the farm-Llamas. They were sat very poised and elegant!
Cordelia spotted this owl called Edward as she scooted past to look for the donkeys

Guess who now wants a donkey? Cordelia will so have a farm when she is older, I guarantee it!!

As we scooted back towards the car the children saw a sign for these water bubble thingys! Not sure what they are called but they have been wanting to try them for a while. In the end it was only Cordelia and Ruben who wanted a go, I have to admit it does not appeal whatsoever to me! But they could have exploded with excitement!

They giggled the WHOLE time they were in there and had a fab time, they were shattered when they got out after only five minutes! It was so funny watching them. Then we scooted back to the car and home again for lunch

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