Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Great-Grandad's Birthday in Bakewell

On Sunday it was the children's great grandad's birthday and he took us all to Bakewell for fish and chips! It was a lovely sunny day and there was even a cricket match to watch, the children's grandparents really enjoyed wtaching all the children, including, 2 grandchildren and 6 great granchildren running around, playing football, blowing bubbles and making bracelets. It was lovely to spend some quality time with our little nephew who is coming up to his third birthday next month too. He was so funny! I felt sooo broody when I came home! Her is Cordelia with her auntie Jess, whom she adores by the way! They have plans to have abig farm when they grow up with lots and lots of animals!
Piper sitting it out in the shade and concentrating on her bracelets
After the humungus order of fish and chips the children really wanted to go to the playground

They used to love this climbing wall but its just not big enough for them now, especially Cordelia as she has done the really high wall and the climbing centre and is quite expert-like now!
When we got back to our picnic spot Ruben sat with Jess' partner Meg and they watched the game of cricket together, with Meg explaining all about the different players.

What a lovely afternoon! It was lovely to have a family trip out, especially as we haven't had many recently, because of the car. We are managing OK but its not exactly ideal and there are quite a few ups and downs at the moment but still these kind of days definitely count as a high. The children are so lucky to have their great grandparents in their life too, I really can't remember mine that much at all, so I think its lovely that they have such a wonderful relationship with their great-grandparents X

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