Thursday, 11 August 2011

Garden games and friends

We had a lovely visit on Tuesday from my friend, her gorgeous 3 year old R and new baby E. R loves Cordelia, probably beacuse she is very bossy and organised and always keeps her very busy whilst she is here! They had a huge play of playdoh (which seems to be very popular with my children again this week?!?), barbie's, horses and then decided to take the big chalks they got from Monday's rock and roll party outside to draw with. They drew some beautiful pictures before it was time for them to go. R also loved Piper's patty cake buns (wonder if they are named after the pat-a-cake song?)
After our friends had gone we played outside for a little while longer. We played piggy in the middle......

Started a hula hoop competition which ended up in a bit of a wrestling match?!? Who could possibly have instigated that???
And finished with an egg and spoon race, which was actually tennis balls balancing on kitchen spoons....

Probably a good job they were only tennis balls really, not sure the eggs would have done that well..................


  1. If we are invited to a party where there will be egg and spoon races my S practises at home before hand!!

  2. That's a good idea! We used to have a set from ELC and it had mini egg bean bags inside the eggs, it was lots of fun but not sure what has happened to it now!?