Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday feeling

Well I finally managed to get around to catching up on some of my blog reading, sometimes I wonder how everyone else does it, keeping their blogs so updated on top of everything else, feeding, washing, cleaning, trips out, playing games, feeding, reading, feeding, cleaning up, talking to hubby, feeding. Oh and home educating four children! I wonder if my blog seems a little like I hold back and only put positive things on? Other blogs I read seem much more real than mine does and I wonder if I sometimes sound a bit robotic?? Well, I really don't mean to! I've hard a tricky couple of months and my confidence has not been as good as it should be. Sometimes its really hard to be on top of it all. Having a teenager in the house is proving to be a very tricky learning curve for me, well both of us actually, I suppose thats the thing with parenting, just when you feel that you have it all in the bag and totally in control, soemthing changes and your back to being out of your depth. But what can you do? You have to just get on with it. The thing with having a teenager is, I really don't want to mess it up now, and its hard to know what is normal teenage behaviour having never been there before. As my son also has mild Asperger's it makes it trickier. When he was little, and before we even thought about Asperger's, his obsessions with Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tranmsformers, Pokemon and Lego (still) seemed perfectly fine and normal but now his obsession is Xbox and I'm not sure I like it. But is it any different? Or is it because I/We don't agree with his new obsession? Hard to know how to handle this current situation to be quite honest but we seem to be muddling along. He doesn't spend as much time on there as a lot of his friend's and we have some boundries etc with it, but I can't help thinking that the xbox has killed some of his creativity and wonder if it will ever come back. My head is very full of stuff at the moment, I'm very much an over-thinker. I wish I could switch my brain of for a rest every now and then. So many ideas and so little space......
This week we are having a ladybird week as we have been around the garden lots, we are halfway through a homemade ladybird game that we have designed, we have done some ladybird paintings and pictures and some other ladybird themed craft. We have also been counting how many ladybirds are in the garden between 9-10 am every morning, hoping to do some kind of graph with this info too. Cordelia collected a cauliflower leaf full of teeny, tiny caterpillars and put it in the butterfly house, hopefully most of them will turn into butterflies, might get a bit chaotic in there if they all do though :-/ Piper has had her cut into a bob and looks so grown up. She is spending most of her time looking at her hair in the mirror and brushing it lots. She has also been reading lots, for a change of course and has read a diary about Anne Boleyn, 13 stories from a Point Horror book, and we are back on Diary of a Wimpy Kid again. Ruben has had a strange kind of week, lots of moments of "I'm bored" and not wanting to do any of my suggestions, he has been very think-y this week and seems to have lots and lots of energy so I have been taking him for lots of walks with the dog to burn some of his energy off. He has found a love of Kirby (a nintendo character) this week, he has drawn lots of pictures of him and also opened Kirby Cafe where he likes to serve me Kirby Mochas lots. He also made our ladybird counters and very much enjoyed sticking on the  googly eyes, who wouldn't!
We have Cordelia's friend around for a sleepover tonight and so lots of things have been played with, water fights have taken place, home made pizza has been eaten, face masks have been on and off, pictures drawn, playdoh squished and squashed and now a huge game of Littlest Pet Shop is ongoing. Could be a long evening but with very happy children :-)
My head feels a little lighter for getting all that out now, maybe I should do it more often? And stop worrying about what other people think........


  1. What a great post Zoe! I find writing it all down helps and when I look back I see the tiny changes each day add up to something big. Sandra Dodd has mich to say about teen boys and computer games and her son now works for Blizzard (he is 25)

  2. Thanks KP. That's great re Sandra Dodd's son, maybe it shows my worrying is not needed? B would be very happy to hear that too, he is a huge fan of Blizzard and their games!
    Zoe x