Monday, 1 August 2011

A day out to Stamford

If I'm honest I had never heard of Stamford before but as hubby was working back at the caravan (we are so lucky that he really can work from anywhere with his job) and grandad was off river fishing my MIL took us to this rather charming little village. Cordelia and Ruben had a look how old some of the graves in this churchyard were.
 There were so many beautiful, old buildings that were slotted in between bigger buildings. It reminded me a little of Stratford-Upon-Avon (which I love because we got married there!). There were some really lovely independent shops too which made a lovely change and loads of fab charity shops too!

 Love how the roof sinks in on this building
Nannan treated the children to an ice cream in this lovely coffee shop and me to the most delicious mocha ever!

The old bath house
 Looking at the ducks on the river
 Always time for a spot of tree climbing!

 I really, really liked this building. From the other side it is a series of quaint little cottages
 The view from the bridge. I really would love to live here.

 A lovely photo with nannan
The best bit is, the children sleep so well when we camp. Ruben, who is normally up at 6 am without fail every single day, slept later than everyone every day! Why can't he do that at home?

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  1. I love this kind of town, so quaint and all the crooked house are so special. We so enjoy living in England:)