Saturday, 13 August 2011

Daddy Saturdays!

The best thing about the weekend has got to be having the daddy's full attention with no pesky work to get in the way! We have had a busy Saturday as we can borrow my MIL's car over the weekend to get things done, which is such a help. We had a walk into the village for bits and bobs this morning and a play on the playground whilst the sun was shining. Back at home and daddy decided to help Ruben do an electic circuit, he loves doing this kind of thing and this was a new one we had in the cupboard from a while ago, It didn't take long and Ruben rather enjoyed having daddy all too himself for a change!

We went into town for a walk around this afternoon too, which we always enjoy. Did the food shopping which sounds really boring but actually when you can't go far travel wise its the little things that you actually come to appreciate! A few thoughts on Christmas and birthday presents today too so my head is full of technology this evening!! In other news we have 3 cocoons now in the caterpillar house! Hurrah!! Just another 67ish to go...... Bailey is very happy as his video has had lots of views and is even considering making another one and entering that too! In fact the only bad thing today is that I accidently swung my phone into the toilet and it is currently "drying out" in the airing cupboard! I can't believe I was so stupid and I'm quite upset. I'm missing Twitter and my blog reading, ebay, met office, fitness pal, texting. In fact everything!! I LOVE my iphone and didn't realise how much until today. Fingers crossed that it makes a full recovery................................

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