Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bye bye car, Hello Ladybirds & Caterpillars

We have had a fairly busy week this week so far, over the weekend we got the car cleaned up and ready to sell. Ruben helped daddy wash the car, Cordelia skipped around them washing the car and even our littleset cat Coco had a wander around to see what we were all up to! The car has gone now, which was a little sad but I have a plan (I love making plans, plans, plans and a few more plans. So I'm hoping to not be without a car for too much long. Although to be honest it has been nice to stay more local, before the holidays began we were busy with singing and sports and other home ed meet ups and in a way its been nice to spend more time around the houyse/garden. It has given us chance to see lots of our old friends from when the children were at school and has been really great catching up with everyone. Also, on the plus side we are all getting much fitter walking more!

Cordelia also gave daddy a hand to cut the grass and do a spot of weeding

Whilst doing some gardening, Cordelia spotted quite a few caterpillar babies on our cauliflowers, she brought them in and put them in the butterfly house which we bought last year. We had 5 caterpillars last year that arrived in a tiny pot, we managed to get 3 butterflies from the cocoons, which wasn't too bad. This year I think the figures might be slightly higher.........

Because at the last count (yesterday) we have around 70 caterpillars living in our butterfly house!!! Will be very interesting to see how many butterflies we get this year. I can't believe how much they are eating, within about 2-3 hours of putting fresh leaves in they are completely decimating it! After sitting in the garden last week and observing quite how many ladybirds we have in our garden we decided to have a bit of a ladybird week, we counted over a few days how many we had in the garden and how many spots each one had. We came up with our own board game and walked to our local craft shop to purchase some foam and bits of card. Cordelia decorated the box for the game, made aphid cards (bad) and flower cards (good). Ruben made the ladybird counters and Piper and I sewed on the buttons, flowers and numbers to make a game board and Piper also wrote out the rules of the game. And here is what it looks like:

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