Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bread shapes, library, Nintendogs & Trojan Horses

And finally, in all my updating we get to today! Cordelia started the morning my painting her bread shapes. Another fab activity from an Usbourne book that we found on our bookcase, (too many book, too little time!). You have to use cookie cutters to cut different shapes out of bread, leave them over night to go hard......

Not forgetting to put holes through with a straw before they go hard
And then paint them with a mixture of paint and pva glue
Decorate them with sequins
And ta-da! They can then we hung up and put any where you like really.
Before lunch we had a trip to our local library to replenish book stock levels, we are still working our way through the 100 books on the children's list and so ordered some books whilst we were there too. Today we have got T.S Eliot's  "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats ", we are all looking forward to reading it later, especially as the pictures are illustrate by Axel Scheffler. After lunch the children had a bit of quiet time. Cordelia is playing on a new DS game called "NintenDogs" and training up her puppy.
Piper, for a change, is reading. At this rate we will be going back to the library tomorrow as she has already read 3 books!
And Ruben also played on his DS but with his Pokemon game!
This is a photo of the Trojan horse we got for him at the car boot last weekend.

I have rented the Megamind dvd to watch this afternoon as we are all a little bit done in from a super busy week this week!! And who doesn't love Will Ferrall? Is it too early to watch Elf???
Its looking like we will have some rather yummy chocolate octopus biscuits to munch on whilst watching the film too, life is good :-)))

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