Thursday, 4 August 2011

Art in the afternoons.....

After we came out of the luminarium, we decided to grab some lunch and have a walk around the town centre, we haven't done this for quite a while and I had forgotten what a lovely town centre Sheffield has. The children love this water feature.

After we had eaten our lunch, we went inside the winter gardens to look at all the different plants
We found a fab looking snake, it looked like a giant jelly snake. So the children looked for the other half of it
Another one in green!
Then we found this lovely display, with bunting, an apple tree and even a beehive
This was Monty the snake who was looking to eat the creature in the pipe, we had to guess what it was......
You can't really make it out on this picture but its there (somewhere)
A quick look at the water feature
Before we went into the Millenium Galleries. Cordelia found some minerals that she found very interesting, she has been asking lots about birth stones and things sos I can see some Geology coming on very soon. Be quite interested in learning more about that too to be honest! Love how I get to learn things with them.

Ruben loved this microscope machine!

There was a brilliant exhibition on by Acne Kid, we weren't allowed to take photo's in here though so this is the only one I have. The title is apparantly what you say when you cut out models in your paintings/drawings. It all tied in rather nicely with our recent trips to see the Narwhale paintings a few weeks ago, which turned out to be by an artist called "Phelgm". We have since noticed more of his work around, must try and put some more photo's on the blog of it.
We also went into this exhibiton, below, but again no photo's. It was really, really amazing and I had a fantastic conversation with the girls about some of the paintings in there. It was one of those lovely afternoons when things flow so naturally and you end up having these amazing conversations and seeing things totally from their point of view. I have to admit I am not a very arty person, I could only ever draw houses with a ruler when I was little so I find my own children's creativity very inspirational. They get it from their dad, he is also very talented and I'm so glad they've inherited that from him instead of my ruler drawings!

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