Thursday, 14 July 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park. LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH!!!

I love the sculpture park, its such a fantastic space and my children love it here too. Normally we do the walk around which is about 3 miles but as we were still feeling unwell and it was a very warm muggy day we just stuck to walking around the sculptures. There is a major exhibition on by Jaume Plensa at the moment which meant it was very busy. Before we had a walk around we sat and had some lovely sandwiches (m & s since you ask!) and watched this rather adorable crow hopping back and forth eating our crust crumbs. The children were busy watching some baby moorhens being fed and fussed over by their parents.

 Below. I like this one, the children thought it looked like a rocket.
 The view of the sculptures through the trees
 Below. Molecule man+1+1+1. The children loved this one. Daddy thought they looked like they were fighting, just shows how art is interpreted in different ways!

These sculptures are outside the underground gallery which we hadn't visited before. The children wanted to touch and feel them but there were lots of old people telling them not too. I think they should be allowed to touch them actually and was quite annoyed, the artist wants them to be interpreted in different ways and I think that would be much more fun and interesting. People moan that children/young adults don't appreciate art and history and then when you take your children to learn about these things they get told off by negative busy bodies!!!

 Another example. Walk along this row and run your hands across it to hear the sounds. Que very stressed out gallery lady (stressed because the 3 school groups in there had twisted it around a bit) telling Ruben off for slightly touching it with a stick. (regular readers will know about bubs and his stick obbession, add this too a not-very-well boy and what do you get? Tears!) I admit he shouldn't have touched the exhibition with a stick and I had told him as much 2 seconds before but she was totally OTT about it and put me off looking at the rest of the gallery. This kind of marred the day a bit for me, I think during his week off hubby realised how negative people can be when you have home educated children out in the day, how much people comment and stare. I think he realised why I am sometimes reluctant to go out on school days. Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud to be home educating but there are days, when to be frank, I can't be arsed to answer why my children aren't in school that day! Sometimes people should really learn to mind their own business! I think because I have four children, all above school age, we really stand out. As hubby puts it, "it blows their tiny little minds to see children out of school in term time!".

 After the tears we found these interesting glass tardis boxes. Sure they aren't tardis' to be honest, but that's what the children thought and very much enjoyed hiding inside them and watching the colours change. (Maybe hiding from OTT Gallery lady even??!!)

 Back outside and the view was lovely.

 The children loved this sculpture and spent ages finding the letters of their names.
 Despite having a seat shaped arm in this sculpture, you CANNOT SIT ON IT!!!
 Not sure about this rabbit but the children and hubby like it lots.
 I like this one, but the one with the toilets and bath(not photographed) is my favourite!
 The house is pretty spectacular too, it must have been amazing to have lived here and had these gardens to explore.
 We even saw a Heron on the lake's edge!
It was a lovely day, just a bit spoiled by grumpy staff. Hope I haven't put anyway off going for a visit. Think it will be a while before I visit again and maybe when we are all 100% well?!?


  1. Fab photos - We have a place a bit like that near us called Cass Sculpture Foundation.
    I know what you mean about being on show and visible. We have had run-ins in the past but the local places we go regularly have told us that school trips do lots of damage but they need their income to keep going. I think some adults just don't like children.
    When we first went to see the sunflower seeds at Tate Modern the artist said he wanted people to touch them, then they put a rope around them!

  2. Great photos :-)

    I gave up many moons ago in explaining why my children are about during the 'school day' for much the same reason - mind your own bloody buisness! xx

  3. I love the Jaume Plensa exhibits that are there at the moment, hoping to get back to see them again before September, but all the please don't climb/touch notices (and people) bug me too, especially on the outdoor sculptures.

  4. Thanks KP! We visited the tate modern a couple of years ago and it was very stressful! One adult plus 4 children= a very stressed out mama especially when the kids ran up to touch an exhibit and the man nearly had a heart attack, so not a good day and we left very sharpish after! How silly to put rope around something that the artist wants people to be able to touch, madness!

  5. Thank you Sharan, sometimes i really want to say that but worry it will set a bad example! Piper says she is going to tell them she is a bank robber instead, will be interesting to watch their faces if nothing else!! Maybe I should have a home ed leaflet and a link to my blog and just hand them out instead of trying to defend myself?

  6. Hi cheerymishmash! Yes it is a fab exhibit just a shame its not a little bit more child friendly. Maybe I should give it another try in September when my children are 100% and just stress on the no touching of any kind???