Monday, 11 July 2011

This is where we've been then......meeting bears and narwhal's...

It seems like ages since I've done a post! In fact I couldn't quite remember what to do. Hubby has been on holiday for the past week or so and we off been off all over the place doing lots of visits but before all that we visited a bit of art on our very own doorstep. This art (and the cat) was pointed out to me over on Sandra Dodd's blog when she came to Sheffield in May, I had never noticed it before and so took the children one sunny day on our way to the park to meet up with some friends.

 If I'm honest, I'm not 100% sure I have a clue what this is but I thought it was quite cool
 Pippi looking at the narwhal and squid

 It was quite amazing to look at actually, even though we felt a little awkward being in the alley. Sure the kids thought we shouldn't be there! We had to laugh when we saw the cat though, on Sandra's blog it was in a doorway but the children spotted it asleep in the shop window. They weren't sure if it was real at first!
 After a lovely picnic we walked with friends onto the botanical gardens. The children were a little hot and bothered by the time we reached the fountain and so had a rest next to the water.
 Then we wondered around, making friends with squirrels and looking at all the different flora and fauna
 Before we left for home there was a quick chance to meet the bear in the bear pit and have a quick game of chase!

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