Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A spot of gardening to be done....

Whilst we had lots of day trips out whilst daddy was free from work we also did lots of pottering about too which was nice. We have done very well with the few veggies we have grown in the garden and it was time to pickle some beetroot. We have never done this before so we had to do a bit of internet research first before we found a recipe.
 Piper digging up the beets

 Some of our other veggies that are doing quite well, cauliflower
 And carrots not far off ready
 Washing the beets

 Wrapping them in tin foil ready to roast
 The mixture of malt vinegar, garlic cloves, pepper, salt and cinnamon
 Chopping up the beets after they had cooled out of the oven
 They tasted delicious but do stain your fingers a fair bit!
 Sieving out the pickle juice

 Adding the beets to the pickle juice

Ta-da! Our very own Barras Beetroot! Love these labels the girls made!

 Also, our peas were ready to be eaten so we warmed them briefly in some boiling water and served them with butter, delicious!


  1. YOur carrots looks fab:) Mine were a disaster. Love your garden:) I am still struggling a bit with mine with some successes and lots of failures:)