Thursday, 14 July 2011

Singing concert, Ashford-in-the-Water and Buxton......

Seems like ages ago but I'm still catching up on my blog posts. The girls finally had there summer concert which was absolutely lovely! It was hubbys birthday on the same day too and as a surprise the whole choir sang Happy Birthday to him, he was very surprised! Great nannan and grandad and also nannan B came to watch, they were all delighted with the show and we were all very proud of them. Piper was as cool as a cucumber about her solo (she is SO laid back!) but Cordelia was very nervous and slept badly in the week before the concert. She was a nightmare on the actual day shouting at everyone and being a general Mrs Grumpy pants! Hope she isn't going to go into show business as not sure I can cope with that behaviour on a regular basis to be honest!! I was very teary throughout the show as I know many of the other mums were too. Unfortunately, I haven't many photo's to put up because I didn't feel right putting photo's of the other children up without their parents permission. Here are two photo's I took of the girls though, very proud mama!!

We also had the fantastic news that our bestest friends had welcomed their new baby daughter into the world on hubby's birthday! We are over the moon for them! Congratulations xxx
The day after the concert we had a lovely walk around Ashford-in-the-Water, its a beautiful little village and we had a fab 6 mile walk planned but after about a mile I just couldn't walk any further as I felt so unwell. My hayfever was horrendous too, so we retreated and sat by the river and had some lunch instead. As picnic spots go this one was very, very beautiful!

feeding the ducks!
Then we had a bit of a play in the playground for those of us that were well enough anyway!

I felt a little better in the afternoon so we drove on to Buxton, if you have never been-Why?! Its such a lovely place, very Victorian with the buildings and fantastic playground, park and gardens (although very, very busy on a Saturday!)
This is the beautiful Pavilion, it was very art deco inside.
This was the front side, I would love to take the children to watch a play in here as it looks very atmospheric!
Walking back to the car and we saw this sign on one of the hotels
Even when you just walk around without thinking you learn things you didn't know!
I loved this building which is being renovated. Looks like it should be a very posh hotel and reminded me of a similar building in Harrogate which I also love.

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