Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Muddy walks and thunder storms.....

Well after deciding we all needed some fresh air yesterday we put our trainers on and put the dog on the lead and set off up the hill. Not sure if its more me or the childrenor maybe even the diggity dog that need walking these days but either way I find the fresh air good for all of us. We are very lucky here to be able to walk out pretty much straight away into lovely countryside. It was quite gloomy when we set off, then it got really hot so we were all stripping coats off and the kids got a little flustered. We found a new path to walk down and Cordelia squealed "Let's have an adventure!!" too much Famous Five for that one me thinks! Anyway we walked down a lovely winding track, past some beautiful farm houses, tractors and saw some cows going/coming back from milking at the local farm. we took a wrong turn, due to no signs! And ended up down someone's private driveway, ooooppppss! We headed back the other way and through some lovely trees, up above the clouds got darker and started to grumble quite a bit. Then a short sharp rain shower. For some reason, clearly they do not trust my sense of direction, wonder why?, they all got a bit panicky. The dog was being silly and seemed to have forgottten how to walk properly so I tried to get slightly ahead of the children so the dog wasn't tripping anyone over (except me) and then the children went all super racing to walk as close to me as possible, then crash, over went Pippi into the mud. Two things to know about Pippi-She hates noise and she hates being dirty. Que tears and Bailey searching his smart phone for our GPS location. Thankfully, I managed to find the right path back home in time to pick some bread up from the garage (I had earlier forgotten to put the bread machine on !). Back home, hands washed, clothes changed, tomato soup fed to hungry children. Well, Cordelia asked for an adventure and that is what she got.

These are some photo's before the thunder, Pippi's fall and mud.....

Thankfully the afternoon passed much quieter. Not. Yep, my four children/four projects proved to be quite stressful, at least for the printer anyway. Not sure my printer que has ever looked like that before: Pictures of Queen Victoria, Henry V111, Odeyessus, Medusa to colour in and notes on Twelfth Night to look at. Hmmmmmm, good to keep busy/have a nervous breakdown though.........?

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