Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Last few days of a free-from-work daddy!

As daddy's holidya came to end so unfortunately, did our car! Its died a bit of a death sadly so looks like we are going to be a little immobile for a while, at least until we save up for a newer car. Luckily the children's activities like sports and singing are coming to an end for the summer holidays so it will be fine for us for the next few weeks anyway. So whilst we couldn't go as far as we normally would we did a few local activities and even had a bus ride into town and a very long walk up through botanical gardens up to the museum and back into town! No photo's because, to be honest I only recently did a post on botanical gardens and the museum and we did pretty much the same thing but sometimes its nice to be a creature of habit! Ruben was still excited to play the dancing game in the sports exhibition and Bailey got his name at the top of the scoreboard for the bike ride around the park!

 I have taken up my knitting needles again and started myself a chunky scarf for winter.
 We are lucky enough to live near some pretty lovely countryside too so we took the children's nets and did some pond dipping.

It was very lovely and quiet but we didn't catch anything apart from some rather lovely and brightly coloured green slime, much to the amusement of Cordelia and Ruben! We had a walk up to our reed field to see how much it had grown too. Sometimes its quite nice to do things more local and i have to admit I am ready for a break from the activities. Thechildren all have lots of projects they want to do so this will be a very good time to get them started........

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