Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jammy dodgers and "Maria"

Today has been a little bit more mellow than yseterday. Thanks to my sister we got free tickets to see Harry Potter at the cinema last night so Piper was very excited as she is a huge fan of both book and film. My M-I-L very kindly lent me her car overnight so we could drive there and back. The film was great and its always lovely to have one on one time with one child. I love the little converstaions that only happen when you are away from home and by yourself with them. Nothing major just daft things but still its lovely. Cordelia didn't sleep though until we were home which was quite late so this morning I had too sleepy girls on my hands who went a bit bonkers this morning. As I had the car and Daddy had left for the station at silly-o-clock this morning I thought I would make use of the car and go to the supermarket early. Good job it was quiet really as the girls mixed with super energy Bubs proved for a rather frantic supermarket shop. Will be shopping online I think from now on.... We took the car back to MIL and then the girl's got sucked into "Sindy World" whilst Bubs ran around with the dogs and chatted to nannan before work. Nannan bought a new HUGE doll from the charity shop last week, that we had spotted half an hour before her, its a little freaky to be honest as its the size of a 2/3 year old. She very kindly let the girls bring it home for a few days. They've called her Maria because she looks like Maria from The Sound of Music. They were dressing her up in the clothes MIL bought from the charity shop and generally behaving like little mums, lots of arguing about going out and Maria not putting her shoes on and wanting to eat chicken nuggets for her tea etc. Felt very strange to watch them struggling to put her raincoat and shoes on whilst they burst into fits of giggles, which were very infectious I have to admit. After we came home I had a very large mocha to revive me from my early start and then the girls wanted to make some biscuits for their friends visit tomorrow. I wrote them a recipe down and sat and supervised from the table.
Weighing out each of their ingredients. They made a bowl each.

Giving it a good mix.

After 30 minutes of chilling in the fridge they were ready to be cut out. Piper chose heart shapes and Cordelia flower shapes.

Out of the oven and ready for some raspberry jam.
Delicious home made Jammy Dodgers, which were divine!
These were some mobile photo's of the girls playing in Sindy World with gargantuan doll aka Maria.

Trying to get her feet in the shoes, whilst she apparantly shouted No and Chicken nuggets lots........
This afternoon, whilst the girls played with Maria, Bubs decided he wanted to sit and read me not one, not two but three magic key books!!Who is the child and what have you done with my Ruben???? Afterwards we all had a game of phonics lotto that my friend had lent us. Ruben won of course.
This is what I had to look at whilst the girls baked *shudders *. Not sure I can wait till nannan picks up back up on Friday.....In fact I'm sure the girls are leaving her around the house to freak me out, she looks real from certain angles. Creepy

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