Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday builds!

For some reason this week, it seems to be a summer thing? The children have been very busy building with both K'Nex and Lego. In fact, the living room floor seems to have disappeared into a carpet of the stuff! The weather has been really hit and miss too, yesterday the girls had singing. They are getting both very excited and nervous in anticipation of the concert next week. There is a real feeling of something exciting going on in the group and all of the girls seem giddy about it. We did manage a play outside whilst the sun was out yesterday and even managed a bbq for tea. We harvested our first potatoes today too and they were delicious! All our veg is growing so well and even the caterpillar we found on the cauliflower leaves has changed into his pupa! Cordelia was so excited when it happened that I think the whole street probably know about it too. Today we have had friends around after they finished at school, which has been lovely, we don't see them as much as we like and it was really good for Ruben to have some 'boy time' with not a Barbie in sight!! His reading is going really well too and we have now moved up to level 4 of the ORT books. He is really enjoying our daily reading sessions too. Tonight we have started reading "The Adventures of Odysseus" at bedtime. I'm going to look for some things on Greek Gods and Godessess' for him tomorrow as they have really struck a chord with him and I;d like to go with it. Tomorrow we are off to meet friends at the park and generally burn off some energy, hope the weather stays dry!

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