Friday, 24 June 2011

Playing with friends

We've had a busy week this week, On Wednesday we went to a local musuem and park with friends. We arrived and went into the musuem first, which was lovely and quiet, well it was, until we got in there! The kids all went a bit hyper and we thought it best to move to the big playground so they could burn off some of their energy! It was nice to catch up with friends, feel like we haven't been doing all that much recently. It seems to come in peaks of busy periods and slow periods.
Love this photot of all the kids together laughing and squashing on the slide together!
Climbing up to the slide!

Bubs had to sit on his coat as the slide was a little wet but that just made him swish down the slide even faster!
Time for some team work in the sandpit!

They all had a different job to do whilst they were in there and worked together as a team to get the sand from one place to the next place. A lovely afternoon after what started as a bit of a rubbish-y day, sometimes bresh air can solve all problems!!

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