Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The new Children's Laureate is.....

JULIA DONALDSON! Who is one of Ruben's most favourite authors! He was very excited yesterday when he ran into tell me that the Gruffalo lady had won a prize. It inspired me to look into the past children's laureate's, the girls were happy to read Jacqueline Wilson was also a laureate a few years ago. I found a fab article which you can read here from the Telegraph website. It listed the top 100 books for children to read and a lovely article written by Michael Morpago, who also happens to be well known and well read in our household too! I printed a list of and have stuck it on the family room door, the children were fighting to see how many books on the list they had already read. We have each put our intial next to each book we have read and we are all going to try to read ALL of the books on the list by the end of the year! 

Also, Leo arrived home safely today! He had an amazing time whilst he was in the US and now I will be looking at the cost of flying to San Diego as its looks fantastic!We have really enjoyed reading about his adventures. Must look where to send our next flat traveller to soon too

The younger three have happily played Lego for the majority of the day and we went to buy some more Oxford Reading Tree books for Ruben this afternoon. He is making real progress with his reading, I am having to help less and less when he is reading the story.
Bailey has been working on his CGP maths book, i'm trying to encourage him to do at least one page a day but at the moment it is taking him a very long time as his concentration isn't very good. But he's getting there...
I still have some posts to do from last week so will try and get on with that too.
Congratulations Julia Donaldson on being the Children's Laureate 2011-2013!!

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