Friday, 24 June 2011

Magna (again!)

Yesterday we met up with friends for our second viist of the year to Magna. This time I also printed off some worksheets for the kids to do, they were quite easy and they had one to do in each pavillion:- Air, Water, Earth and Fire. I hoped that it might make them notice some things that they hadn't noticed last time.
Bailey and Ruben playing in the Winds of Change section

Time for the girls to have a turn, they said it was like a turbo hairdryer!
I think maybe the Earth pavillion is their favourite though, as we always seem to be in this section for the longest time. There is a big sandpit to play in and the explosion area, where you have to hit the explode button and wait for all the rocks to fall out. Then you have to try and put them in a wheel barrow and move them round to the rock sorter conveyor belt and then it all begins again! Hours of fun.
I like these photo's of the boys playing together, albeit silently.

Piper pressing the explosion button and her friend waiting for the rocks to fall.
Cordelia in her herd hat!
This time we also maanged to watch the 'Big Melt' show. We missed it last time and whilst we were waiting for our friends to arrive earlier, we could hear it from the car park. Its very, very loud. When they were much smaller it used to really scare them, its strange that they are fine with it now. Except Pippi, who does not enjoy loud noises at all and spent the whole time buried in my side with her fingers in her ears. It is amazing to hear though as you stand on the bridge walkway, you can feel the vibrations throught your entire body. My dad was a forger in the steel industry and its was very much an important industry for South Yorkshire. Steel is what Sheffield is famous for (as well as Jarvis Cocker and the Arctic Monkeys!) and most families have some connection to it. My parents met whilst working in a steel factory in the 70's, my mum in the office and my dad as a forger. He had many accidents at work including a piece of metal flying into his knee once and also in his eye, so he was very lucky not to lose his sight. My friend and I talked about what a shame it was that we import steel now and how if we were prepared to pay a little more for thingsinstead of importing, then unemployment wouldn't be so high. The smell of steel always reminds me of my dad, when he used to come in from his shifts he used to smell really strong of warm steel and I always remember how his hands were full of dirt too!
I liked how they projected pictures on to part of the furnace. Click here to watch the youtube video of the Big Melt show.

It was like watching indoor fireworks. I wonder how much it costs to actually run the elcetric furnace? Especially with rising electricity prices? It must be why it is only shown every hour between 11-4.

We were all a bit shattered after, it is a very big place to work around. Outisde it had been raining heavily and the kids were really disappointed not to get chance to play in the playground. We said maybe you can have 5 minutes as it was starting to rain again and then my youngest three children decided running through Aqua-Tek would be a great idea!

They were drenched! And Ruben slipped and fell over which abruptly ended the running around. No spare change of clothes or towels either, what a bad mum I am! Back in the car and the heating on Ruben fell asleep! Home for cheese on toast and pyjama's to warm everyone up. The weather did not spoil our fun.


  1. wow! that looks like so much fun, we don't have anything like that near us :)

  2. Yes it was a lovely day and we are lucky to have it nearby us too!