Friday, 10 June 2011

Let's go fly a kite......

Last week when dad was off work and the weather was pretty good, we had a trip to the seaside! Not quite the Pembrokeshire Coast that we had been hoping for but sand anyway. The kids had a fab time helping dad dig a hole in the sand. Team work!
 Afterwards they decided that it looked like a watch out bunker, so used some props to pretend they were soldiers on the look out.

 Then it was time to fill the hole back in, que lots of fits of giggles as the girls decided to be buried in the middle!
 Ruben had a quick turn at being filled in but jumped out pretty sharpish.
 All done, two girls stuck in the sand
 After our picnic lunch daddy got the kite out. For some reason we have never had a kite? Not sure why? But the kids enjoyed it so much that we were wondering why we hadn't had one before!

Cordelia even made a friend on the beach whilst she was flying the kite and kindly let her have a turn at flying the kite too. I wish everyday could be as much fun as this.....and as sunny as this too :-)

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