Monday, 27 June 2011

I'm OK...........

Today has been a huffy puffy, hot and panicky day! Slept awful due to a mixture of heat, horrendous hayfever and Pippi's horrendous hayfever! Everytime I fell asleep she came up to say how rotten she felt. I know how she feels. Hayfever is pretty miserable, like being allergic to summer. She eventually fell asleep at 2 am, thankfully she's one of very few fortunate people that can manage on very little sleep. She definitley didn't inherit that from me! No windows can be opened during the evenings as that's when the pollen is at it's most vengeful. Not the best start to a morning.
Then my friend rang to ask about arrangements for the girls singing concert on Friday, we both realised we were very disorganised for it, which became even more apparent half an hour later when our venue was cancelled. Two girls were peering at me very intently and panicking that all their hard work would be wasted, the whole time I was on the phone! Thankfully, new venue was found, new leaflets printed and peace, harmony and organisation was restored. Phew. The girls song "I'm OK" felt very apt at their last practice today. Then home again, littlest pet shop hide and seek. Which was lovely until they were left in the sun and began to melt, ooops! Daddy Bear managed to buy some littlest pet shop houses at the carboot yesterday, so glad I haven't bought much of the range full price as we have got it so cheap from carboot's and they love playing it together. The girls and I got our yoga mats out and did some yoga in the garden but then the rain came. It was only a shower and didn't last long but I ended up doing my yog on the wii fit whilst the children had an ice lolly to cool down. Pippi has managed to read two books today-Heidi which she got for 50p at the boot sale yesterday & The Diary of Anne Frank, which I bought for 50p at the boot sale. Love second hand books! I have a feeling we will be touching on Anne Frank again with our trip to the Eden Camp next week.


  1. Hello, oh how I love your blog! Very nice indeedy. Glad to connect with you! By the way, write write write! EOS would love to hear from you I'm sure! They are lovely ladies, I actually know them personally, they'd consider your article or ideas I'm sure. Go for it! What have you got to lose? :-)

  2. Thank you Motherfunker for stopping by! I will have a go then! I have been meaning to do it for a while and really should just try!