Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dragon cake Tuesdays

So today we have been busy doing lots of things, the weather has been lovely too which was lovely! Bailey built a wooden dragon from a set hubby got for him from the car boot, it was brand new and only cost £1. He spent quite a while following the instructions and did it in a rather impressive sixty minutes.

 Bailey took this final picture when he's finished, its going next to the Eagle he made last time in the family room. Well done Bailey!
 On Saturday Bailey will turn 13 (tries not to well up as she writes this) and he's really not fussed about doing anything or having any kind of party other than his best friend from when he was at school over for the weekend and a BBQ for lunch. I won't lie, I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't want balloons, banners, baby pictures etc up but I understand. He has never been one for much fuss. So I have arranged to have a picnic with some of our home ed friends tomorrow at a nearby park. He seems OK with this. So today we did some baking ready for tomorrow.
Piper made chocolate crunch
 My favourite!
 Cordelia and Ruben made chocolate marble cake (best bit ever is licking the spoon, obviously)
And I made some Cola cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Book.
Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow and we can have a lovely time with our friends.
Last night hubby and I sat for hours building Lego minifigures so we can design some sort of Lego cake for him. Not sure exactly what yet but nearly a 100 mini figures later we could barely feel our fingers any more! Seriously have you tried putting their arms and hands back in? I was surprised when I woke up that all my fingers didn't still have indentations in them! Here is the line up of the gang so far, sorry its blurry, I was incapable of good photography by the end of it!

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