Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bailey's birthday picnic

After much baking yesterday we set off to meet friends this morning at the park, the clouds were very grey and there was no sunshine but we hoped for some! As we approached the park the kids got very excited when they saw the workout area and jumped straight on for a go!

Its a wonder they had much energy left for the playground after that to be honest. But they did and after eating some of yesterday's yummy treats off they ran to play with home ed friends. There were 7 home ed families today which was very nice and we couldn't help but think how our older children would not be running around and being silly, playing together if they were in school as it would not been seen 'as cool'. I'm so glad my children aren't in school any more and are free to be themselves without fear of being ridiculed. I was a very happy mummy today watching my free range children running around and exploring.
Bailey with his 'too cool for school' friend

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo of my beautiful son at 12 years and 363 days old. I am going to be so teary on Saturday, just talking and thinking about it makes me want to cry.
Ruben found a stick (just for a change!) and decided to make some music with it.

Ruben being a statue
Bailey and his friend trying to get on the little swings!
love this photo of Bailey, Ruben, and Pippi,
And love this one even more!
And before we left, a quick chance to run across the stepping stones
A lovely day which wasn't even spoilt by the rain shower! One of the many, many days I'm so glad that I home educate my children :-)


  1. My Mother's maiden name was Bailey and it was on our name short list.

    I posted on our local group yesterday about how fabulous June is for home edders - School is in and the weather is as good as it gets in England! Enjoy x

  2. It looks like you all had a wonderful 'freerange' day ;-) Happy Birthday Bailey! S X

  3. Thanks KP, your right it is a lovely time to be home educating, will try and make the most of it!