Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bailey is a teenager!

Despite offers of a party, Bailey chose to have his best friend over for the weekend and a few very close family  and friends pop in on his birthday. It felt a little boring to hubby and me but that was what he wanted to do! Hubby and I made the cake together, which was quite fun actually! I let him decorate it as he knew far better than me where to position Lego figures! I was in charge of making and colouring the icing. Here is a little picture, will put some more detailed ones on later.
We made lots of pizzas for everyone to eat and Bailey came in and out of his room to talk to family, eat pizza, eat cake, open cards. He is at the age now where he tends to get money rather than presents  and was very grateful for everything he did get. I think he would have happily stayed in his room all day to play XBOX if we had let him though!!! Gone are the days of tea parties with Thomas and Transformers, which is a shame. But he had a lovely day and repeatedly asked how old I felt!!! I'm so proud of Bailey, he is such a lovely boy, he's clever, kind, polite and funny. He has the loudest of laughs and is a real practical joker! We're very lucky to have him.

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