Tuesday, 7 June 2011

And the rest of the afternoon was spent in Kedleston Hall

Sorry I have been so slow with my bogs lately! After we visited Sudbury Hall & Museum, we went on to the other side of Derbyshire and went to Kedleston Hall. Which was pretty magnificent actually! The film The Duchess (with Keira Knightley) was shot here so it has been very busy with visitors since. As common folk, we had to enter through the bottom doors and into this huge room with lots of statues and matching fire places at each side of the wall.

The house was inherited by Sir Nathaniel Curzon in 1758 when he was 32 years old, he then preceeded to knock the house down and rebuild what is now Kedleston Hall. Nathaniel was married to Lady Caroline Colyear and the house rebuild was mainly funded by the dowry from her father.  
 The most famous Curzon was Lord George Nathaniel Curzon. I love this ryhme about him from the National Trust website:

'My name is George Nathaniel Curzon
I am a most superior person
My cheek is pink, my hair is sleek
I dine at Blenheim once a week'

He was a very busy man and also bought and restored two other properties which are now also managed by National Trust. They are Tattershall Castle (not been there yet!) and the other is Bodiam Castle, which we visited in 2009. Here is a photo of the children outside the beautiful moated castle. They look so small, I can't believe that was 2 years ago.

This was a beautiful painting of Lady Curzon, who was an American heiress. She married Lord  George Nathaniel Curzon in 1895, after a secret 2 year engagement. She become Viceriene of India and was ranked the second highest woman in the British Empire after the Queen! (And she was home educated too) She was very stunning to boot! I loved this dress and it was lovely to see it in the display gallery further round the house. Sadly she died in 1906 leaving behind her three young daughters.
 The floating staircase......
 Beautiful ceilings
 This was the room that was used as the dining hall in the film The Duchess  It was HUGE! It was the entrance hall for the really grand guests and was therefore only used about 6 times a year! Despite being a third of the volume of the whole house and cost more than the rest of the house in marble and plaster.
 This was the family hall and was curved. The family still live in another part of the house which is just through another door!
 Not sure about this sofa, but thought it was worth a photo. Decadent is the word I think?

 Ruben loved this chess set and asked if he could have one too. Maybe....the next time I happen to be in Calcutta I might pick him one up.....
 The girls LOVED this chair which was in the library. You have a rest to put your book on and you sit forwards on the chair with your arms over the handles.
 I loved this room the best, the ceiling was beautiful and looked like it belonged in the British Museum.
 All the flowers were of different designs
 I loved this door too
 And how about this for a bed? They are trying to restore it properly as it has been changed from the original and their not sure what they might find underneath it.....Can't wait to find out!
 This was such a clever invention. A plate warmer! You stacked plates up in the back of it and the fire warmed them up so your food did not go cold.
 The table set for tea.....
 How about this for a wine cooler?

 The table full of glassware
 Back in the marble hall again, not sure if you can appreciate the size of it from this photo?
 The Peacock Dress worn by Lady Curzon. The material was from India, it was then sent to the house of Worth in Paris to be made. It was shown in America a few years ago and was apparently very popular.
 A seat for an Elephant anyone?
 Bailey chilling out in th lounge
 The house from the back. Daddy spotted a Haha drop in the back garden.

The very grand exterior of the house. I struggled to fit it all in to be honest!

Would highly recommend a visit!!

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