Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Weekend in Newark-on-Trent/Royal Wedding

We were up and out early on Friday morning, thankfully as we didn't get back until tea-time on Thursday the tent and all the camping stuff was still in the car. so it was a case of putting clean clothes in the bag and off we went. We wanted to be at the camp site as early as possible to watch THE WEDDING. We were so excited to say Kate and Prince William get married. I've never watched a Royal wedding before as I was only 1 when Prince Charles and Diana got married, so too young too remember any of it. It was an amazing experience to watch it all though, Kate was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, she looked just like Grace Kelly when she married Prince Albert. Kate looked like she was born to be a princess. I can't believe that one day she will be our Queen, very exciting! My mother in law bought the children flags to wave and streamers to throw, we even had some champagne to celebrate, the adults not the children!

 This was William enjoying the wedding in my parents-in-laws caravan. I bought lots of newspapers on Saturday so the children can do a scrapbook page to remember the day.
 This is a photo of the children in front of the ruins of Newark castle. We had a lovely walk around on Saturday, there were lots of little independent shops, which makes a nice change and lots of charity shops too which was good. There was a lovely cast iron model of Newark town centre in the castle grounds which we all had a good look at. One place that screamed out to us was 'The Queen's Scone"? My hubby and parents i law had never heard of it despite going on fishing holidays to Newark since my hubby was a boy. So we just had to walk and see it.

 This is the bridge where hubby, his dad and little brother used to fish, actually under the bridge in the water. I've seen many photo's of proof too! It looks like a lovely spot to fish and my hubby and parents in law had lots of lovely memories of coming here.

 Explore the ruins of the castle
 There were lots of lovely buildings around Newark town centre, this was the Corn Exchange
 We never got to see what the 'Queens Scone' was as there is a housing estate there now. But we did find a lovely museum to take a look around. There was a lovely Alice in Wonderland exhibition on too, with originally painted pictures of Alice by a local artist. My favourite was the one below-Alice with a flamingo.
 But I liked this one too
 Looking into a 1940's living room.
 A mangle, not sure why I took this photo but I thought it looked interesting. Ever since the children got to play with one at Clifton Museum I've thought they looked rather fun.
 Piper was very excited to find a doll's house!! She wanted to make the museum an offer for it, not sure where it will go though??
 The printing room which was also the place to find the last Easter egg in the competition they were all doing.

 A morris dancer, it actually freaked the kids out a little not sure why, they seem very popular in this neck of the woods
 Going towards the war section. Another sitting room during the 1940's.
 This Evacuee board made for quite sad reading actually, lots of the evacuees were mistreated. It brings back all our project on WW2 and Anne Frank, we will be re-visiting it all soon when we go to the Eden Camp in July. We needed to have a big break from it all as it all got very upsetting.
 I took a photo of this poster just because I liked it!
 Cordelia took this photo of Bubs, me and Daddy sitting on some tractor seats, My father in law is pulling faces outside the window too!
 Cordelia is also responsible for these photo's too. They were things around the musuem lobby that interested her.

We had a lovely weekend and it didn't feel like camping at all because we practically lived in my mother in laws caravan which felt quite swanky next to our tent! All our cooking was done too, which was a very nice treat and daddy got some fishing done too!!

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