Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Seven Sisters & Cuckamere Haven

On the third day we set off to the Seven Sisters after dropping hubby off at work. We set off on a lovely flat field, somehow we took the wrong path and ended up on top of the cliffs instead of the beach below! The children were a little grumpy as it was rather hot too but oh my the views were so worth it!

 It felt like we could have been abroad somewhere it was so beautiful.

 This was the lighthouse we visited the other day, Belle Tout. Below. Cordelia made an ice cream cone out of the pieces of white chalk that were on the tops of the cliffs.
 We set back off down the cliff, taking great care as it was very steep, lots of people were climbing down the cliff edge despite the DANGER signs! The children were very serious about taking the proper route, which is reassuring that they are aware of signs and keeping safe. We were rewarded with our longer, safer route when Cordelia screamed and we all turned around to see a snake slithering past her! I have never seen a snake in the wild and neither have the children. It was quite a sight and I only managed to get a quick photo of it before it went on its way. Its not the best photo but I really don't know much about snakes so really didn't want to get in its way too much!
 We also found some old WW2 sniper towers (as Bailey called them!)

 Finally back on the right path to the beach! Once we were there we got straight to fossil hunting and rockpooling.

 Inside a limpet!
 Sisters splashing in the sea
 This was a lovely few moments to watch the children all sitting together and laughing, joking and throwing rocks into the sea
 The beautiful white, chalky cliffs in the background.
 Chilling out
 We had a lovely time, apart from getting lost but we all decided it was worth it for a) the views at the top and b) the snake!!! We picked daddy up and enjoyed our last night of camping in Sussex, with a game of cards (pirate cards purchased from the Lego shop in Brighton!). We used scrabble tiles to bet with.

And also, this Monopoly Deal game that is a perfect game for camping, we played it lots whilst we were away, highly recommended!! And staying in our camping bag for next time.

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  1. Hard to tell really, but looks like it might have been an adder! We really want to see snakes in the wild this year :)