Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Royal wedding scrapbooks!

After the Royal wedding I made sure to buy lots of newspapers and a few glossy magazines for the children to look through and do a scrapbook page about. I started these history scrapbooks a while back and I encourage them to cut pictures, writing and headlines about major events in history because I think they will enjoy looking back at them one day. I also think it helps them understand historical events a bit better. I'm really interested in history so its something that I'm quite passionate about and I love the fact that we start with a current event/issue and it then leads us to dive back into the past and see how other events/people are connected to it. The children loved reading all the comments and looking at photographs of other Royal family members from around the world too.  

 Below. Bailey's finished page
 Cordelia's first page
 And her second page
 Piper's page
 And Ruben's pages below

He drew a flower on his last page to celebrate the wedding he said.
I love to see how they all capture different parts of the actually event. For Bailey it was the crowds of people, for Piper it was the car ride together, Cordelia captured the excitement as well as the fashion highs and lows and for Ruben it was the princess herself (think he may have developed a crush there!)

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