Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The most perfect day? Ever?.......Quite possibly

After what seemed like the coldest night EVER in the tent. It went down to 0 degrees, possibly less. There was frost on the tent and my poor nesh body had never known cold like it. The kids all managed to sleep through completely though, how ??? I've no idea!! I did come out of the tent in the middle of the night to go to the toilet though and saw the most amazing sky I've ever seen EVER. It was truly magnificent. So what did we do on Wednesday? We went to Barmouth! This time we went over the Estuary bridge and on a walk from our 'Walking in Snowdonia and North Wales' book. The walk was called 'The Sublime Mawddach' and the description said "Walk in the footsteps of Wordsworth, Darwin and Ruskin who visited here to work and to explore". It really wasn't kidding when it described the walk as sublime.There was no one in the toll booth so we got to cross over for free too, bonus! As we crossed over the bridge, I got a look at my favourite house in Barmouth, it sits right on the side on the estuary and is splendid! It reminds me of the aunt's house in the film 'A series of Unfortunate Events'. It even has a working clock tower!!!

 Children and dog at the beginning of the (6 mile) walk!
 View from the bridge, pretty spectacular!
 The banks of the estuary, looking for crabs, shells and pieces of slate
 Throwing slate into the sea!

 The views just keep on coming, a lovely shot with Daddy and the baby beans!
 Another Oystercatcher!!
 Very start of the very steep climb upwards! The ascent was 200m, all at the start of the walk too!
 The beautiful waterfall which ran past us the whole walk up. It kept disappearing behind trees but we could hear it the whole time. I don't think I've ever seen a waterfall so long before!

 This is one of my favourite photo's! 
 This was the sky when we got to the top and sat and had a picnic lunch and a bit of a rest.
 Ruben found a little green friend

 And Piper found an even smaller one!
 Finally the top of the waterfall. Not was I was expecting at all. Open countryside and the remains of  Llyn Bradwen. Quite spectacular.

Round at the other side of the open countryside and back down towards the beach again. I've never had a walk where we've been through so much different scenery before. It was as the book describes 'truly sublime'. Never have those words been more true. 

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