Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The most perfect day ever....continued.....

Not sure if you can see very well on this photo but above us a "Hercules"  RAF plane was just above the estuary. it turned when it reached the bottom of the estuary and continued off up the estuary. Quite an amazing thing to see. The RAF fly over North Wales so regularly that you get used the incredibly loud noise they make. I love seeing/hearing them because I LOVE being in North Wales more than I love being anywhere on Earth. This was the view as we walked back to the beach after our 6 mile walk.
 The kids were straight off to paddle in the sea, whilst Daddy went to buy supplies for our beach tea. We took our portable gas stoves with us and cooked on the beach, it made a nice change from cooking at the camp site too.
 Look how lovely they all play together! 
 The younger three had a dog training game going on together, it was so cute. Piper and Cordelia were the puppies and Ruben was their trainer, he had a pretend pouch on his shorts for 'treats' when they did rolls or special tricks. Sooo funny! This is them going on a doggy roller skating party

 Then it was time for some beach statues. A bit like at Chatsworth!

 Cordelia and Ruben do their very best impressions of pigeons. This was so cute!!
 Tickling Bailey into having a photo taken!
How beautiful!
 Back to the car to dump all the stuff in and pick up our crab nets
 Time for some crab fishing before we go back to the tent

 Someone kindly gave us some very smelly fish heads. Crabs love them and we caught several crabs straight away with them. 
 Unfortunately, the crabs kept jumping back into the water before we got them to the top!
 Ruben managed to get one crab all the way to the top though

Bailey even managed to catch a boat!
One last fire!
Hubby took this picture for me as I was in the middle of something and wanted a shot of the sun disappearing over the mountains. A last night on the campsite :-( I hope the children feel a special memory of Barmouth when they grow up, I want them to remember happy days spent at this part of Wales together as a family.

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  1. Looks like you've had a wonderful time. Makes me want to get the tent out ...