Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Have you met Doris? Reading rewards & happy faces

If you read my previous post To read or not to read? you will know that we are having a push on reading for our youngest child Ruben. Its actually going rather well, he is reading to me for about 5 minutes a day on average and then I read something to him. It has also seeped into other areas though I've noticed, such as reading road signs when I'm driving, noticing words in books that I'm reading to him, words on the PC, TV etc. He has even picked up some books himself and sat on the sofa with his sisters having a read by himself which until now, was pretty unheard off. On this particular day Ruben decided that since he had done his reading, his reward should be holding his hamster-Doris. Doris is 7 months old now and Ruben received her as part of his birthday present. She is a very sweet hamster, very fluffy! Normally Ruben sits with her in the bath because if he drops her by accident she can't escape, which in a house with a Jack Russell and 3 cats is quite important! But I let him hold her in his bedroom with the back up of a large toy box of course! I love the way he is laughing in these pictures.

 "Hi everyone"

 "She's tickling me!"
The other exciting part of our day was when Bailey, very happily, received his birthday present early. He's not 13 until next month but we decided to let him have his present early and look how happy he was! The happiness spread to his sisters and his brother to which was such a wonderful sight I had to capture it on my camera. I know not everyone will agree with our purchase of a smartphone for him but he is really into his gadgets, and quite frankly I am more interested in my son's happiness than anything else! His best friend took him to see The Gadget Show at the NEC in Birmingham as an early birthday present too, which he thought was fantastic and had a super day! I really can't believe he is going to be 13 in a few weeks....

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