Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hastings beach and Bateman's

We were very lucky with the weather whilst we were in East Sussex, on our second full day there we dropped daddy off at work at 9am and set straight off to the beach at Hastings. It was lovely and quiet and the children got to work straight away with making sandcastles and digging aquariums. It was lovely to see them building something together. Piper happily played Barbie's instead of digging in the sand. She made a lovely picnic for the Barbie's and even made a hot tub for them! Lucky Barbie! Barbie, who looked rather lovely in her hot pink swimsuit even managed a swim in the sea, it was a bit too cold for me though I have to admit. Even William managed to have a little time on the beach too! After we had played for a bit the children all got very hungry and as I hadn't brought any food (bad mum!) we had a walk into Hastings. We walked past the pier which was a little depressing as it was involved in a fire last year. It had been closed for 4 years previously too so this has set the repair of the pier back quite a bit. I wanted to take a photo but Ruben was quite appalled with me! "Why would you want a picture of a burnt down pier mum? Who'd want to look at that" and I suppose he had a good point really, who would?  Anyway after a much longer walk from the part of beach we were at (panicked when I saw the 2 miles sign, and decided not to tell the tiddlypeeps thats how far it was into the centre!) we finally arrived and managed to get some lunch and eat it whilst looking out to sea, bliss.

 We were quite shattered by the time we got back at the car and set off to Bateman's, its a National Trust property that was the house of Rudyard Kipling. Bubs and Bailey even fell asleep on the way there! It was very warm in the car and took us about an hour to get there but it was worth it! We found the house at the bottom of a beautiful leafy lane. Unfortunately, it was busier than I had expected, with a coach full of adults having just arrived! I wish I had gone there first and then the beach but never mind!! We started walking towards the house and found this very interesting shaped bush! Cordelia and Ruben wanted to do the trail sheet, normally I love the idea of trail sheets but they spent most of the time running around looking for things on their sheet and missing lots of other things!
 Finding a wishing well in the gardens.

Outside the entrance of the house

  The house itself was beautiful, the rooms had a real feeling off, being lived in. In particular the children's room, the children were allowed to play with the toys that were there, which they enjoyed. It was sad to find out that one of the Kipling's daughters had died as an infant and their son was killed during the war

 I loved this picture that was up in the bedroom, of the three children, it was drawn by a family friend and was sent out as a Christmas card. What a lovely idea! 

 I also really loved the heart designs on the chairs in the dining room and the wallpaper in this room was actually leather that had been hand painted!
 .It was just a bit too full of adults for me though, I tend to find them a bit grumpy with the children in these kinds of places. Its usually where we get the "no school today?" comments, we didn't thankfully but we were all ready to get some fresh air and have a walk in the gardens. Which were much more tranquil thank goodness

 We walked around the wild garden and up towards the watermill, how totally fabulous to have your own watermill in the bottom of the garden!

The kids had a go with the well to see if they could lift the bucket. Apparently, it was rather heavy! 
 Then we all sat on the lawn and read the first chapter of The Jungle Book. a very, lovely 20 minutes.

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