Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Happy Easter!!

As per our usual Easter tradition we hid all the chocolate eggs around the house and Daddy wrote clues and hid them for all to find. We had already been up early and had a walk to our local car boot, as per our usual Sunday morning ritual, so the kids were already wide awake and hungry! Only twice a year do they get to have chocolate for breakfast, so they were very excited. I only managed to get a few blurry, pictures as even with careful clue planning they still all rush around like crazy people to find the stash of eggs! Maybe next year I will think of a different (i.e. slower) way of doing things as all the other blogs I've read on seem to do lovely, beautifully decorated, quiet, calm Easter egg hunts, making ours look chaotic (which it is), rushed (again, it is) and a bit of a shambles (hmmm...)! Maybe a camping Easter egg hunt next year??????

 LOVE this victory picture!

Well, at least they worked together as a team, which is very rare  these days! This year an astounding 32 Easter eggs plus 23 cream egg and other sweets!!. I think I can here the dentist crying from here............

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