Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Great Nan-nan's birthday party

We went to a very special birthday party for my husband's nan-nan last weekend. My mother in law had put lots of food out for all of us to eat, more food was brought from great nan-nan and hubby's auntie too, so lots of food was consumed! I made a carrot cake from the cook book I have out this week, which by the way is fantastic! Its by Peyton & Byrne and its called British Baking. We have had some fab things out of it in the last week. The carrot cake was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! In fact there was none left to bring home :-( so it must have been good!
Here is a photo of great nan-nan enjoying her birthday buffet!

 In between countless trips back to the food table, Ruben also found time to build a rather tall building out of Lego with his Uncle! It actually touched the ceiling!
 Sweet photo!
 Time for present opening!
 And then on with the party games! Nannan and Cordelia displaying the prizes before we started a family game of Bingo!
 Daddy, in his role as the Bingo Master/Caller! He enjoyed himself immensely!
And lastly, a very long game of Charades for Kids!
A lovely afternoon spent with family, some very tired children came home and lots of uneaten party food too!

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