Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Finally a visit to Llangollen!

I have driven through Llangollen a few times now on our way to and from Wales but we haven't managed to stop and have a look around. On our way back this time, we were in no hurry to get home and the sun was out, a perfect opportunity to pay a visit. I thought it would be lovely here and I wasn't wrong! The River Dee runs gently through the village and we sat and had a picnic there. We spotted a Heron just up from us so obviously the river is full of fish!
 The kids spotted this fluffy yellow chick whilst we were walking along the banks and were desperate for a closer look. It was so fluffy and so cute

 Sharing our lunch with the ducks. This duck was very friendly with Ruben so he shared most of his sandwich with it!

Even William, our flat traveller managed to have a picture by the River! It was our last day in Wales. We drove home and had a lovely nights sleep in our own beds before getting up Friday morning and setting off to Newark for a weekend with my in laws and to watch THE WEDDING!

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