Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The doll musuem

Yet another reason I am glad my children are no longer in school, Piper is really quite obsessive about her dolls and her Barbie's so this was an ideal day out for her. If she was at school I have no doubt that it wouldn't be seen as 'cool' to play with dolls. I played with dolls until I was nearly thirteen. I'm glad that all of my children are being allowed the freedom to have a full childhood and not being told what toys are cool/uncool to play with. There are no fears of being bullied at home for playing with whatever you like!

Anyway......The doll museum in Cromwell, was a little strange, it was really more of a personal collection if anything. My mother in law and Piper where quite overwhelmed by the huge collection. Just the collection of Barbie, Sindy and other dolls in the hallway was impressive to be honest.. Piper didn't know what to do/look at first. She was very much in doll-heaven.

 This is her with some very old Barbie's
 Alice in Wonderland dolls, Cordelia was impressed but looks a little bemused in this photo
 There were lots of dolls sat in old fashioned Silver Cross prams, you weren't allowed to touch them either!
 There was also an impressive collection of clothing dating right back to the early 19th century.

 My mother in law said she had this pram when she was a girl, I think Piper will be after one soon too!
 Some of the dolls Vina makes herself including some of her Royal collection. There were quite a few dolls of Princess Diana which have come from America.
 I'd really hate to have to dust this museum!

 Robin Hood dolls
 Pointing out which dolls they liked the most
 Cabbage patch Dolls! I still have mine, I passed it on to Piper a few years ago and she's still looking after it.

Queen Alice
We were very, very lucky to get to talk to Vina Cooke, who's collection it was. She also makes the dolls herself and is quite famous. She has met lots of famous people and is very well respected. She was one of the most interesting people I have ever met actually. It was a real experience talking to her. She absolutely adored Piper! She told her she was 'going to go far'. Piper had no idea what she meant but was super impressed anyway. She asked her lots of questions and told her about her old doll 'Lola' at home and if she could be fixed. The museum is also a doll hospital. Its amazing that it has managed to stay open actually, as she told us there were 22 doll museums when she opened and now there are only 3 open. They receive no funding to keep it open either, which is a shame as you can see both her husband and her are passionate about the dolls and toys. They were both very knowledgeable. Piper is desperate to visit again already and told Vina before we left "When I'm old enough, I'm coming here to work for you!" Piper and her nannan are now planning to open their very own doll museum in my mother in laws house so watch this space!
If you want to know what Piper thought about the museum herself, she has posted about it on her blog. Please feel free to take a look!


  1. Lovely dolls, although some of them are a bit scary lol. I can remember Cabbage Patch Dolls, never had one though, just treasured my Sindy and Pippa doll x

  2. Looks like a fantastic place to visit. Wow loads of barbies in one place!