Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Catching up with friends in Magna

On Friday, we went along to Magna to have a much needed catch up with our friends. We have been away and so have they recently so we were overdue a catch up. I haven't been to Magna for over a year so thought it time to have a trip as the kids love it there. They have an offer on at the moment too which means we can now visit as many times as we like in the next 12 months for free!!

Here is a very shaky photo of Ruben in the AIR exhibit, he's standing on a suspension bridge and shaking it around to mimic strong winds.
Cordelia and her friend in the FIRE exhibit.

Watching the fire tornado!
Very impressive
Piper helping her friends little brother on one of the exhibits.
I think this was one of their favourite exhibits, its always where we spend most of our time when we visit anyway! The WATER exhibit. Its very hands on and there's lots for the children to look at and do.
Ruben playing with the canal locks. Our friend's had a recent holiday aboard a canal boat so there was lots of exciting chat about how much they'd had!
Bailey and Piper playing with the water squirters
This was a fun game! A question was asked on the computer screen and you had to press the buzzer for true or false and the little statue would then take a pee in one of the buckets! It caused fits of giggles!
Finally the EARTH exhibition. You can try using big diggers in this room, as Bailey is doing here!
Or, like Ruben you can be in charge of the demolition button! I really don't think anyone else got a look in here as Ruben hogged the button the whole time! There is a big screen in front of you that counts you down to pressing the button and then shows you a quarry being blown up and pretend rocks fall out for you to gather up in your wheelbarrow.
Like so! And then you take it over to another part for it to be loaded onto a conveyor belt and then wait till it explodes again. Seriously, it keeps them entertained for ages going back and forth! They all said it was their favourite section.
Piper playing on some musical bottles in the AIR exhibit.

Afterwards we went into the huge playground, it was a little too cold for the water section so we'll have to go back on a warmer day. I must take some better photographs next time too! Too much time spent chatting with friends and not enough quality photo's being taken! Still it was lovely to catch up with a flask of tea whilst the tiddlypeeps played.....

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