Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Brighton and Beachy Head Lighthouse

As dearest hubby was working most of the time whilst we were in Sussex we tried to make the most of the day on Sunday and went for a trip into Brighton. The sight of the pavilion never fails to impress we! I can only imagine the reaction of it being built at the time and how out of place it must have felt. Still, if I was ever going to build myself a party palace I might take some tips from this architect! Here are the children with their flat traveller William (who has been to many more interesting places around the UK then I actually had planned for!) outside the pavilion.
 The back of the pavilion. We didn't go into the museum this time as we had the dog with us but I still like walking in the park bit behind the pavilion and museum. There is always someone playing music and there were a group of people doing Tai Chi, much to the children's fascination!
 We then had a walk around all the wonderful shops Brighton has to offer. In particular the LEGO store, seriously glad we don't have one near us or I think my children would make us go on a daily basis. I sat quietly outside with the pooch and a coffee and did some people-watching. Whilst walking around all the lovely shops we also had a look in the window of this fabulous cake shop! Its always very busy and I'm too nervous to go in as its so small but the girls wanted their photo's taken outside! Fantastic cakes, that look like they might possibly be based on the Royal Wedding?

 It was really rather nice to see all the shops trimmed up with British flags, very patriotic, I think the Royal Wedding has had a really positive effect on community and if Brighton is anything to go by - the shops!
After the hustle and bustle (and violinists balancing on rope's outside restaurants-yes really!) we headed to Beachy Head. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lighthouse (and windmills too!) but have never managed to see this one for some reason. A few years ago I had a very foggy drive up here with the kids and had no idea how close we were to the edge of the cliffs, gulp..., cliffs really frighten me, especially with the kids running around but I really wanted to walk further up to see the lighthouse and also take a picture of William on the cliffs for when he goes home.
 Even the barbie's enjoyed the view of the white, chalky cliffs. The cliffs have been featured in quite a few films/music video's and were used in the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights and also in the TV series The Prisoner which funnily enough is filmed in the little village of Portmeirion near Porthamadog, where we were just a few weeks ago! (Its also a very popular suicide spot, which gives the cliffs a rather strange ambience, and it definitely has you thinking what crosses peoples mind when their up there)
 This is the other lighthouse (two in one day hurrah!!) which is called Belle Tout, in 1999 it was actually moved in one piece to prevent it falling into the sea below! I watched it on TV and it was quite surreal. No mean feat either as it weighs 850 tons and was moved back 17 feet!! There is even a song about the lighthouse! You can't get too close to it though as there are people living there. I'm not so sure I could live quite so close to the edge, especially driving up the driveway in foggy conditions.........
 This is the view from the other side of the cliffs as we walked closer to the Beachy Head lighthouse. The girls didn't want to come any higher up and you can just spot them behind Ruben down the hill, Ruben also decided not to walk any further either!

 What a view!
The girls take a moment to show the barbie's the views
They looked to have quite a time too! I think Beach Barbie was being a little optimistic wearing her hot pink bikini though, it would be a little cold for sea-swimming I think........


  1. When I first saw your blog I thought you might live near us as we are in West Sussex and I saw the photos in small view on my phone and my daughter spotted the Barbies - msg me if you come to Sussex again. Be fab to hook up!

  2. That would be great KP I will make sure to do that!
    Zoe x